Czcionka Poller One

Przykładowa czcionka Poller One #1

Informacje o pliku czcionki:

  • Wersja:Version 1.002
  • Znak towarowy:Poller is a trademark of Sorkin Type Co.
  • Firma:Yvonne Schttler
  • Projektant:Yvonne Schttler
  • Krótki opis:Poller is a high contrast semi-extended style sans serif. Poller's is both readable and full of personality. Because of the higher contrast it is best used from medium sizes to larger display settings. Voltaire was inspired by hand lettering on early 20th century German posters.
  • Licencja:This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.
  • Adres URL licencji: