Czcionka November Condensed

Przykładowa czcionka November Condensed #1

Informacje o pliku czcionki:

  • Wersja:Version 2.067
  • Znak towarowy:November is a registered trademark of Typotheque. All rights reserved.
  • Firma:Typotheque
  • Projektant:Latin: Peter Biak, Cyrillic: (Irina Smirnova), Greek: Peter Biak
  • Krótki opis:November font family is a rational, utilitarian typeface inspired by street signage.Supporting over 300 languages in various writing scripts
  • URL:
  • Licencja:This is a commercial font protected under domestic and international trademark and copyright law. You have to buy a license from to use it. You may not redistribute the font files to third parties or include them in software or websites without a written permission.
  • Adres URL licencji: